Coffee Lounge
Let your guests relax with Silca’s premium blends.

Help Your Passengers Relax and Fight Jet Lag 

We know your lounge caters to those with the finest taste, so let us give you a complete coffee solution that will let them relax with you.

Examples include:

  • Airport Lounges
  • Mall Lounges
  • Smoking Lounges

You may be interested treating your guests to our top-selling blends:

* Silca Reserve: 100% premium imported Arabica. Among the highest grade Arabica on world markets.

* Farmer’s Brew: Pure Barako coffee. 100% all-natural Excelsa, bought directly from farmers and hand-picked from organic coffee trees in the highlands of Cavite, Philippines.

* House Blend: A bold, medium dark-roasted Robusta blended with Arabica to smoothen the flavor. This is our all day, all-around coffee that’s good value for money.

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