Silca Coffee
Silca Coffee has something to offer for every budget and every taste.

We Supply Freshly Roasted Coffee to Businesses 

Standard packaging size is 500g foil packaging. Custom packaging is available upon request.

Coffee is available in whole beans or grounds.

We will be happy to provide a Wholesale Price List with our current offerings upon your request.

Please see below for a table of our standard blends.

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Arabica Blends

Arabica bean profile: Smooth, sweet taste. Aromatic and light. Less caffeine than Robusta.

Silca Reserve

100% premium imported Arabica. Among the highest grade Arabica on world markets.

Philippine Arabica

100% Arabica grown in the highlands of the Philippines and bought directly from farmers. No pesticides.

Southeast Asian Arabica Blend

100% Arabica beans. A blend of Southeast Asian Arabica coffee.

Premium Espresso Blend

A base blend of premium Arabica. Medium dark-roast imported Robusta added for perkiness. Smooth but strong: ideal for espresso-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. Can be used for brewed coffee if drip ground.

Brewed Coffee Blend

A base of Arabica with Robusta added for bite. Ideal for brewed coffee, but can also be used for espresso-based drinks using a finer grind.

Mountain Fresh

Medium dark-roasted premium imported Arabica blended with organic Barako Excelsa beans.

Blend No. 2

A base of standard imported Arabica with Robusta added.

Blend No. 3

A blend of 3 coffee varieties: Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa.

Excelsa Blends

Excelsa bean profile: Fruity and nutty taste. Full-bodied. Least caffeine content among the three beans.

Farmer’s Brew Barako

Pure Barako coffee. 100% all-natural Excelsa, bought directly from farmers and hand-picked from organic coffee trees in the highlands of Cavite, Philippines.

Town Hall Blend

A blend of Excelsa and Robusta bought directly from Philippine farmers.

Robusta Blends

Robusta bean profile: Strong without being overpowering. Full-bodied. More caffeine than Arabica.

House Blend

A bold, medium dark-roasted Robusta blended with Arabica to smoothen the flavor. This is our all day, all-around coffee that’s good value for money.

Breakfast Blend

Medium dark roast Robusta. A bit of Arabica coffee blended in. A highly caffeinated coffee that’s perfect for breakfast service.


100% Philippine direct trade Robusta sourced from our own farm and directly from farmers in the highlands of Cavite, Philippines. Hand-picked.

Cafeteria Blend

Robusta with just a touch of Arabica added. For cafeterias and free flow coffee. Great value for money.

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