Let guests enjoy coffee while waiting or while having their services done.

Be an Upscale Salon and Serve Coffee 

An added perk at a small cost, let your clients relaxed while you focus on making them look great.

We have several options depending on your point of service:

  • Guest reception and waiting area
  • Guest chair while services are performed
  • Employee coffee

While your clients are enjoying their services, they may be particularly pleased by smooth and uncomplicated brews.

You may be interested in our top-selling blends:

* Silca Reserve: 100% premium imported Arabica. Among the highest grade Arabica on world markets.

* Farmer’s Brew: Pure Barako coffee. 100% all-natural Excelsa, bought directly from farmers and hand-picked from organic coffee trees in the highlands of Cavite, Philippines.

* House Blend: A bold, medium dark-roasted Robusta blended with Arabica to smoothen the flavor. This is our all day, all-around coffee that’s good value for money.

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