We serve pipping hot, fresh coffee at office events.

Free Coffee for Employees = Better Productivity

Save precious time by not having to go all the way to the nearest coffee shop or the cafeteria for that perfect coffee boost. For executives and management staff, Silca Coffee packages are ideal for meetings and conferences. Business is always done well over a cup of brewed coffee. We make it our business to ensure this. No coffee machine in the office? No problem! We offer coffee machines FREE on Loan. Ask us how!

We have several coffee solutions depending on your point of service:

  • Free flow brewed coffee for employee lounge or kitchen
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Single cup offerings

You may be interested in these top-selling blends:

* Mountain Fresh: Medium dark-roasted premium imported Arabica and organic Barako.

* House Blend: A bold, medium dark-roasted Robusta blended with Arabica to smoothen the flavor. This is our all day, all-around coffee that’s good value for money.

* Silcafe: 100% Philippine direct trade Robusta sourced from our own farm and directly from farmers in the highlands of Cavite, Philippines. Hand-picked. Pure Robusta has the highest caffeine content of all coffees.

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