Doctors Coffee
Serve patients and doctors alike fresh, premium Silca Coffee to keep them both alert and relaxed.

Serving Coffee Shows You Care 

Make the wait time more enjoyable by offering coffee to your patients while they wait. We have several options depending on your point of service:

  • Doctor’s office waiting area
  • Hospital cafeteria and/or restaurant
  • In-room
  • Doctor’s/Employee break room

You may be interested in these top-selling blends:

* Mountain Fresh: Medium dark-roasted premium imported Arabica and organic Barako.

* Cafeteria Blend: Robusta with just a touch of Arabica added. Great for cafeterias and free flow coffee. Value for money.

* Silcafe: 100% Philippine direct trade Robusta sourced from our own farm and directly from farmers in the highlands of Cavite, Philippines. Hand-picked. Pure Robusta has the highest caffeine content of all coffees.

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