What quality control measures does Silca implement to ensure that coffee is of the highest quality?

  • Coffee berries are sourced from trusted suppliers that we have maintained relationships with since the 1970’s.
  • Coffee berries are milled and processed to export quality before roasting.
  • Prior to roasting, green beans are handpicked for all impurities such as broken beans black beans, borer beans, sticks, etc.
  • Roasted coffee is carefully screened and then further inspected before grinding and packaging.
  • Each batch of roasted coffee is test cupped to ensure consistent quality.
  • We adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and have a factory built to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) specifications to ensure that coffee is safe and clean.

How do I know Silca Coffee is fresh?

  • We only roast coffee upon receipt of your order.
  • We label coffee with the roast date so that you can more accurately determine freshness for yourself.
  • We recommend consumption within 3 months from the roast date, but coffee is safe to consume for one year. Exposure to direct sunlight and air accelerates the spoiling of coffee.
  • We place your coffee in heat sealed foil packaging which not only protects the coffee from the elements, but also contamination to undesirable odors and flavors.
  • We are direct to the source. We have our own farm and source coffee from suppliers that we’ve nurtured relationships with since the 1970’s.
  • We guarantee freshness. Please contact us at info@silcacoffee.com with any questions.

How many years of coffee experience does Silca have?

  • We have over 40 years of coffee experience brewing behind us. Since 1975, we’ve covered each stage of the coffee value chain from the tree to the cup.

What kind of clients does Silca handle?

  • Institutional accounts such as restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and country clubs.
  • Entrepreneurs who label Silca Coffee as their own.

What is the minimum order size for roasted beans?

  • 10 kgs of a single coffee item (one box)

Does Silca offer delivery service to clients?

  • Yes. We deliver weekly to clients throughout Metro Manila with a minimum order of 10 kgs of coffee. For clients in other regions of the Philippines we can arrange delivery via courier.How much lead-time does Silca require before orders are delivered? Please allow 5 working days lead-time. Please fax purchase orders to us at 046-865-2880 or email us at info@silcacoffee.com

What coffee bean varieties does Silca offer?

  • Robusta and Excelsa coffee varieties from Cavite farmers we have known since the 1970’s. Both Philippine and imported Arabica coffee from around the world.

What roasting varieties does Silca offer?

  • Our Master Roaster expertly roasts coffee from light to dark roast in our SASA SAMIAC Roaster from France.

Does Silca have standard blends?

Does Silca customize blends for clients?

  • Yes. We can create a signature coffee blend that matches your particular taste and budget, with a minimum of 50 kilos per order. Click here to custom roast.

Can I use my own label on Silca Coffee?

  • Yes. We are more than happy to private label for you. Just give us your stickers to put on our standard foil packaging or provide us with your own packaging and we will take care of the rest. Rest assured of your confidentiality. Click here to private label.

Does Silca ground coffee for clients? What grinds does Silca offer?

  • Yes. We supply whole bean coffee and we can grind the coffee to match your specific needs – its all up to you. Simply specify your coffee brewing equipment so that we can custom grind the coffee specifically for your machine. Usually you need a drip grind (more coarse grind) or espresso grind (finer grind).

What does the Silca name stand for?

  • In 2010, we changed the Jamica Coffee name to Silca Coffee Roasting Company, Inc. “Silca” stands for Silang, Cavite, which is the town where our operations are located, the origin of much of our coffee and our hometown. Silca represents our rich coffee heritage by bringing back the original Silca Trading name from 1983 (our coffee importing company in the US) and tracing back our history and roots in the town of Silang. The new name symbolizes everything great from our past and is the new face of the Company as we prepare for something even bigger in the future. Learn More About Our Story Here.

What does the Silca logo symbolize?

  • The 4 beans in our logo represent the lifecycle of coffee. We are a part of each state of this cycle. The bean under the “Si” in Silca represents how coffee starts as a “green bean” after drying and de-husking the coffee. The other 3 beans represent light, medium and dark roasted coffee.