Country Club Coffee
Energize guests during early morning tee times with Silca Coffee.

After Tee Time or Lap Time, Have Coffee Time 

Whether it’s lounging by the pool with an iced coffee, catching up with friends at the café over a latte, or a grab and go shot of espresso right before hitting the golf course, Silca can please all your guests.

We have several options depending on your point of service:

Cafeteria | Free flow | Banquet | Employee | Fine dining | Catering

While your customers are enjoying their leisure activities, they may enjoy these top-selling options:

* Premium Espresso Blend: A base blend of premium imported and Philippine Arabica. Medium dark-roast imported Robusta added for perkiness. Smooth but strong: ideal for espresso-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

* Blend No. 2: A base of Arabica with Robusta added for bite. Ideal for brewed coffee, but can also be used for espresso-based drinks.

* Breakfast Blend: Medium dark roast Robusta. A bit of Arabica coffee blended in. A highly caffeinated coffee that’s perfect for breakfast service.

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