Fight Rising Costs with Silcafe 1 kilogram Coffee Bags


Silcafe 1kg




The Philippines, May 30, 2022 – SILCAFE is delighted to announce that its 1 kilogram package is now available in the following blends – Italian Roast, French Roast, and Blend No. 2, – are now available at their Lazada and Shopee stores, and soon at leading grocery stores. 


Recently launched as 500 grams only, these three bestsellers are making freshly roasted, all natural coffee more affordable for businesses and individuals in this challenging time. 


Silcafe’s new 1 kilogram product line starts at Php 450 – that’s just about P2.22 per cup! Filipino coffee connoisseurs can enjoy up to 125 cups of coffee with this new, larger packaging choice. To make the pack even more practical – it includes a resealable zip for customer convenience. 


Fans of traditional dark roast and strong coffee will enjoy the distinct taste of Italian Roast and Blend No. 2. And For those who are leaning towards medium roast, similar to what can be found in new age or Third Wave coffee shops, French Roast can be your daily beverage companion. 


Like in the previous launch of 500g blends, this new packaging line is designed with two distinct customers in mind: 


Firstly, for the small business owner of any type of establishment all over the Philippines – from hotels, restaurants, and cafes, to coworking spaces and more, who are appreciative of endorsing local products, and want high quality coffee for their business needs, without any hassles of contracts or minimum orders. Secondly, for the Filipino household that is particularly budget conscious given the pandemic, and rising food and fuel costs. 


Silcafe made sure that its prices, blends, and new volumetric weight are tailored fit to the needs and budget of both these customer groups – we are here for you! 


Silca Coffee Co. is constantly evolving to meet the coffee demands and needs of the Filipino.


The products are available at Silca Coffee Co’s official online stores on Lazada and Shopee. Customers can enjoy exclusive deals such as free shipping and discount vouchers when they buy online. 


For further information about Silcafe and its upcoming products and other sales promotions, follow @silcafeph on Instagram and Facebook or visit their Lazada and Shopee stores online. 


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