Philippine Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – Food Gifts!

Silca Coffee Christmas Gifts


‘Tis the season for gift giving! As Christmas is just around the corner, it’s been a craze these days that people are on the lookout for the best Christmas present they can find for their loved ones. Well, fret no more! Silca Coffee is here to help you curate online marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada and more so you can shop safely from home. This year we’ve focused on FOOD! Everything listed is definitely budget-friendly and unique! 


Christmas Gifts for Your Mom and Dad

KickStart Gift

For parents at this modern age, it’s best to pull out a present that will convey the message of caring and love. Our suggestion is to give them a box full of snackable that are healthy and very yummy! In this list, we’ve included power foods and vitamins to keep healthy. Pair it with Kick-Start’s Brewed Awakening for an extra body energy boost! 



Christmas Gifts for Your Siblings


Food is always an unbeatable gift! Whether they’ve been naught or nice to you this year, your siblings are your dearest best friends in life! For them, it’s easy to give them what they like or have been craving for. You can gift your Ate ready to eat meals if she’s in the mood for a quick munch during work from home. For Kuya, a fitness package is perfect especially if he’s on a healthy body agenda. And for the youngsters and sweet tooth, chocolates and dried fruits can be the trend! 


To Ate

Ate Gift

  • Silcafe’s Espresso Blend – Shopee | Lazada
  • Rare Food Veg Meat Cheese – Shopee
  • Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger Patties – Shopee
  • Masala Aloo Spring Rolls – Shopee 

To Kuya 

Kuya Gift

To the younger siblings 


Christmas Gifts for Your Lolo and Lola

grandparents gift

Bringing comfort to their lives is our priority to our grandparents. Especially those who have special conditions already, the best gift they can receive this Christmas is something that is very beneficial to their well-being. Anti-oxidants such as matcha and houjicha are in this list and can be both accompanied by Silca Coffee’s best-sellers. We also have a variety of nuts from The Seven Pantry for them to munch when they’re just looking for snacks. 


  • Pili and Pino Granola and Nuts – Lazada 
  • The Superfood Grocer Instant Teas Bundle – Shopee | Lazada 
  • Silca Coffee French Roast – Shopee | Lazada 
  • Silcafe Farmer’s Brew (Barako Blend) – Shopee | Lazada 
  • Multivitamins – Shopee 


Christmas Gifts for Your Relatives 

relatives gift

Extended families also hold a special place in our hearts as they are somehow the stars of our family reunions! You may have a lot of Titas and Titos and good thing that handaan sets or christmas baskets are already available in almost all online channels! May it be for spaghetti, fruit salads, or you can give them Silca Coffee’s variety of coffee blends for them to try on till the New Year! Take a look at our suggestions! 


  • Kick-Start Your Daily Lift – Shopee | Lazada 
  • The Superfood Grocer’s Philippines’ Finest Mega Set – Shopee | Lazada 
  • Samgars Christmas Basket – Lazada 
  • Big Grocery Christmas Bundle – Lazada 
  • The Seven Pantry Thai Peanuts – Lazada 


Christmas Gifts for Your Friends 

XY Coffee


Last but not the least, let’s not forget our friends who motivated and stayed with us during these hard times. They deserve a treat for a job well done this year and to show your gratitude and appreciation to their efforts. Be that kind of friend who will give them a premium quality taste of local products such as Vegan Ice Cream, Healthy Chocolates and Desserts, and of course don’t forget their supply of coffee!