How to Store Coffee Properly

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Enjoying a freshly made cup of coffee at home is heavily reliant on how you store the coffee itself.

As a consumer, you want to make sure that the containers you are going to use for your coffee are clean, sealed, and secured.

This is also to keep the beans and grounds fresh and still in their aromatic state. As a general thought, any type of coffee variant should be stored in a dry, airtight container. When replenishing your favorite blend at home, avoid exposing it to air, moisture, heat, and sunlight. Here, we will present the dos and don’ts and some tips on how to keep your coffee beans and ground coffee correctly to retain and achieve its maximum freshness and flavor – and some of our picks from Lazada and Shopee. 


Put coffee in an airtight Container 

Keeping coffee freshness for the long run is possible if you follow the proper storing method. The most basic of them all is putting the beans and grounds inside an airtight canister.

Why airtight? It’s because we want to maintain the grounds and beans’ freshness and as much as possible, we all want to enjoy a flavorful cup even if we didn’t buy them recently. An airtight container forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, away from the moisture, extending the life of your coffee. These containers are available in supermarkets, department stores, and online marketplaces. They are all affordable and easy on the budget. 


Choose an opaque storage (nontransparent)

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Now that you’ve chosen your container, let’s talk about the type.

Just like any type of perishable goods and grocery items, coffee grounds and beans are also best kept inside an opaque storage or a nontransparent container. This is to avoid exposing your beans and grounds to direct sunlight and heat! Always remind yourself to put your coffee in a dark and cool cabinet or location. 


Away from the heat and sunlight 

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Ironically, the three most basic human body needs which are the heat, sunlight, and oxygen are actually harmful to our coffee grounds and beans. Direct sunlight can make your coffee taste stale and eventually it will be spoiled if it is continued to be exposed to direct heat for a long time. Another thing to keep your coffee away from is moisture! Humidity or moisture from air plays a very big role in affecting the taste – baring your coffee to it will speed up its decay and lose its freshness. In conclusion, a cool atmosphere is the best atmosphere for your coffee. Never put them in a location that is too hot, vulnerable to overheating, and stuffy. 


Don’t refrigerate beans and grounds! 

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Beans and grounds are very different from Iced Coffee. While the latter can still be consumed coolly, beans and grounds inside a fridge are big NO. Remember those elements that affect the quality of your coffee? It was also mentioned that oxygen and temperature are also culprits in ruining its freshness. Coffee are seeds biologically and they are not leaves or plants like the fruits and vegetables. Locking up your coffee inside the fridge means they’re going to absorb all the moisture inside – which is really bad! Because moisture equates to coffee being spoiled, stale, and it will rot before you even know it, and even absorb flavors from inside your fridge. 

Do you really want to drink coffee with the aftertaste of last night’s Kaldereta?

Again, it’s highly recommended to store your beans and grounds inside an airtight and opaque container that is away from sunlight and moisture. 

But that said – some old habits die hard so if you mom, dad, lolo or lola are storing coffee in the ref, it will still be safe to drink, just not the ideal flavor.

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