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Are you looking to get started in the journey to be a sophisticated coffee drinker at home? For beginners looking for the best coffee makers on a budget – read on. 

There are several methods to make a coffee that can qualify and surpass the ones we usually order in famous posh cafes.

With the rise of mini cafes inside our homes and shared through social media, a lot of Filipinos are enticed to establish their own coffee nook.

It doesn’t require a lot of money to make coffee at home the way you like it at a cafe.

Coffee on a budget can easily be made using: French Press, Moka Pots, and Coffee Drip Makers. The good news is that there are many options available in major online marketplaces that can be delivered to your home! Check them out below and you might get first dibs on their best prices! 


Budget French Press

French Press PH

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One of the simplest ways to make a delicious cup of coffee is through French Press.

They’re available in the appliance section of stores like SM or Metro Gaisano, and online shops. More expensive brands can be found at Rustans Department Store. 

French Press is the cheapest and easiest method, it only requires coffee, hot water, and of course, the French press machine! Here in the Philippines, French Press are priced at Php 300 to Php 2500 – depending on size, brand, color, etc.  The French press you’ll need medium-coarse to coarse ground coffee. 

For the serving, The answer to how much coffee to put in a french press depends on the size of your press and how much coffee you make, but a good rule of thumb is a ratio of 1:16—meaning 1 g of ground coffee for every 16 g of water. Typically, this will be about 11 tbsp of whole coffee beans.



  • Easy to use!
  • Budget friendly 
  • Available in small and big sizes
  • Can be used for coffee and tea
  • Can also be used to prepare frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, etc. 
  • Save on electricity! 
  • Can be used during a brownout! (gas stove)
  • Portable – can travel with it
  • Easily replaced if broken


  • It usually takes time to get the right mix 
  • Risk to over extraction 
  • Stuck granules can be hard to clean off from the mesh filter depending on your unit


Best Price French Press from Lazada and Shopee: 


Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker Double Wall Coffee Tea Brewer Pot 

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Besuto Coffee French Press 

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Omega Houseware Crumpet Plastic French Press With Stainless Steel Filter 

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Bamboo French Press 

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Budget Moka Pot 

Moka Pot

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Moka Pots are often the substitute for espresso makers due to its ability to make the coffee concoction very concentrated.

The pot is divided into three chambers: one for water, one for grounds and one for the final product. The pot is placed on your stove, and the bottom is filled with hot water. You’ll typically find them crafted from aluminum or stainless steel because they must be placed on your range-top stove to brew – flame or no flame.

Moka Pot is highly preferred by those coffee drinkers who want strong coffee. 



  • No filter needed
  • Makes strong, richly flavored coffee
  • Still budget friendly 
  • Stainless steel is desirable but they are quite pricey compared to other ordinary Moka Pots
  • Can be used during a brownout! (gas stove)
  • Portable – can travel with it
  • Easily replaced if broken


  • Should be monitored during brewing 
  • More effort to clean 
  • Requires occasional change of the rubber gasket

Best Price Moka Pot from Lazada and Shopee: 

Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Pot Mocha Espresso Latte Filter Italian Cafeteria 

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Italian Top Moka Espresso Cafeteria Coffee Pot Maker

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Espresso Moka Pot Coffee

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Kaxcio Stainless Steel Percolator Moka Pot Espresso Coffee Maker

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Budget Coffee Drip Maker Coffee Machine

Photo by Ronan Furuta on Unsplash


A “drip coffee maker” is an automatic or electric coffee maker. It consists of a carafe, a basket full of medium ground coffee with hot water dripped on it. 

Drip coffee makers are dependent on the thermally induced pressure of the hot water and hot it showers the coffee grounds. It dissolves considerably less of the coffee’s soluble mass, and the paper filters common to this brew method will trap many of the oils that would otherwise be present in espresso, French press, or Moka pots.

Brewing coffee this way is uncomplicated, affordable, and thus, incredibly common among connoisseurs to whom “drip coffee” is simply “coffee.”


  • Purity in coffee
  • Can brew more than one cup at a time
  • Since it’s automatic, there are no complicated steps to follow 


  • Paper filters might be a hassle to some or extra step or expense – if so, get one with reusable filters
  • May need replacing after 1-5 years depending on the quality
  • Needs electricity

Best Price Coffee Drip Maker from Lazada and Shopee: 


ITEL XB15C American drip Coffee Maker machine automatic 12 Cups Control Touch Screen Coffee Machine

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Bear Home Office Special American Household Automatic Coffee Machine 

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Asahi CM 026 Drip Coffee Maker 5 Cups

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Kyowa Coffee Maker 

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